DAY 20'/DAY 40'/DAY
TURKEY DC/HQ 7 /c days (8-12) USD20 USD30
13-17 USD40 USD60
18 + USD60 USD90
DG (IMO) (Imo Class 1 & 7 except) 5 / c days (6-10) USD20 USD30
(11-15) USD40 USD60
16+ USD60 USD90
FO , FC 2 / c days (3-7) USD50 USD70
(8-12) USD80 USD125
13+ USD110 USD165
RF/RQ 5 / c days (6-10) USD100 USD120
11+ USD180 USD200

  • Demurrage calculation starts by following date of discharge and ends by the date of receiving emtpy unit on Yang Ming designated depot or terminal.
  • Calculations are performed through the calendar days.
  • The shipments which have extra freetime under BL basis or generally, will be billed by second zone of the demurrage tariff after given freetime ends.
  • Demurrage tariff is subject to change unilaterally by Yang Ming Line without any Prior Notice.
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